President and CEO, Bill Cameron, is committed to the values, professionalism, and dedication of his team to deliver incomparable service and pricing to you.


Cameron Chemical Corp. is committed to honesty, integrity and mutual respect. First and foremost our philosophy is to offer superior environmental services through enhanced customer service synergies. Our expert technical and field knowledge give our customers a better way of chemical removal services.


Cameron Chemical Corp. primary goal is to be the leading chemical removal and disposal specialists in Hawai’i.  We offer the most environmentally friendly and cost consciousness options to customers. As treatment technologies change and commodity prices rise, options for disposal and recycling change as well and our expert technical and field knowledge give us the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

CCC Solutions
    • Cost Effective
    • Innovate
    • Regulation Compliant
    • Permanent
    • Fully Certified and Insured


CCC Strategy and Commitment
  • Professional trainer to educate you and your staff
  • Identify potential problem areas in a futuristic manner
  • Design and implement new plans resulting in fast and efficient solutions
  • Track and analyze the results, improving  customer relationship management process
  •  Automated system enabling tracking of your regulatory affairs is up and running!