CCC is committed to helping customers develop a customized collection and disposal plan that keeps costs to a minimum, with an efficient and expedited process. We customize programs that fit your companies needs, not ours. We understand that our product is our expertise in chemical management and with over 20 years field experience, CCC leads the industry in safety, reliability, and regulatory affairs.

As part of our corp mission, you also find in addition to our expert field operations, our staff firmly believes in the tenants of our mission statement: be honest, live your life with integrity, and treat everyone with mutual respect. The services you will receive from CCC are unparalleled to any other. Here’s a quick summary of some of the services we offer:

Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste Disposal

CCC has 75 years combined transportation experience in handling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous substances. We are experts in collection, identification, documentation, and disposal of manufacturing residue, off spec products, contaminated soils, lab chemicals, paints, oils, polychlorinated biphenyls, and non-hazardous substances.

We provide complete solutions for proper recycling and disposal of hazardous, CERCLA regulated and non-hazardous waste streams. We have the equipment and experience to provide site clean-up, contaminated soil removal, and so much more.

Electronic & Universal Waste & Recycling

Electronic recycling or E-waste is the process of recovering material from old devices to use in new products. CCC’s waste management team provides a safe and convenient way for you to recycle your e-waste products when they are no longer of use. Some of the items we accept are monitors, keyboards, computer towers, telephones, printers, fax machines, and more.

Universal waste comes primarily from consumer products such as lamps, fluorescent bulbs, batteries and other devices containing mercury, lead, cadmium and other substances hazardous to human health and the environment. These items should not be discarded in household trash or disposed of in landfills.
Using only DOT/UN approved collection containers, CCC will properly label and transport your waste to a facility that is designated for recycling universal waste. Proper documentation for your disposal is provided with every pick up.

Oil Pumping & Recycling

CCC is certified and permitted by the State of Hawaii for testing, transporting and disposal of all types of used oil. Oils will be handled by trained CCC personnel only and recycled whenever possible.

We provide automotive maintenance facilities with a complete recycling program for used oil, oil filters, fuel filters and oily absorbents. Used motor oil contains toxic substances that can contaminate our land, ground water and ocean. CCC ensures that your oil will be collected safely and recycled properly to conserve natural resources. We provide you with all the documentation showing your waste was properly managed and disposed of.

Transformer Testing, Pumping, & Recycling

CCC provides utilities and electrical contractors with full service equipment decommissioning, dismantling, and recycling services. We perform full certified analytical testing services and disposal of transformer oil including those with various PCB levels. Oils will be handled accordingly and recycled when possible based on the PCB content. Additionally, we handle the transportation of transformer carcasses and recycling of materials, including aluminum, bushings, laminate, radiators, steel, switchgear and wires. You can be assured of impeccable record keeping and documentation of our jobs.

On-Site Teardown

Sometimes equipment on the field is either too large to transport or projects include some type of demolition that requires CCC to bring their expertise on-site.

Our field crew team is made up of 3-5 seasoned veterans, depending on the size of the project. CCC field crews have successfully dismantled 1,000lbs units to larger units in excess of over 100,000lbs. Our expertise in the global commodity market ensures you will get the highest rate of return on your materials. Our environmentally conscious field crew will take every precaution necessary during the dismantling process to keep all materials contained and make sure all are properly disposed. CCC guarantees every site in which we work will be left in better condition than when we arrived. We are the only company in Hawaii with locally experienced on-site teardown personnel.

CCC on-site services also include forensic teardowns which are a systematic dismantling process by which insurance companies, manufacture representatives and engineers can visually inspect the condition of internal components when trying to determine the reason for failure.

Cameron Chemical will also handle the removal and dismantling of ancillary equipment surrounding substations including circuit breakers, switch cabinets, bushings and oil circuit breakers.

Sampling & Lab Pack Services

CCC has extensive experience in sampling various chemical substances including, but not limited to, drums, soil, solvents, oils, lubricants, pesticides, herbicides, lab chemicals, multi-increment, transformer oils, oils and any unknown hazardous materials. We use a network of certified laboratories to perform the analysis with the most reliable turn-around times in the industry.

We send our trained field chemists to your laboratory to properly identify, consolidate and lab package chemicals for proper disposal. By consolidating like chemicals together we can significantly reduce the cost of disposal for small containers of laboratory reagents, chemicals solutions, lecture cylinders as well as spent corrosives.

Waste Management & Compliance

President, Bill Cameron, has been recognized as an industry leader with almost 30 years of experience in training, coaching, and leading internal and external staff members. Bill has extensive coursework in 8 hour HAZWOPER certification, HM181 training, PCB Awareness, HAZCOMM, OSHA and other tailored training programs to meet specific client needs.

CCC’s management and it’s highly trained staff understands innovative hazardous waste disposal technologies that allow us to deliver economically superior solutions in all hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal situations. With over 75 years of experience by both the President and Management, CCC leads the industry in safety, reliability, technical sophistication, and regulatory affairs.

Hazmat Supplies

Some of the hazmat supplies used are Tyvek suits, metal and plastic drums ranging from 5 gallon to 85 gallon, gloves, absorbent pads, various haz and non haz labels, used oil containment tanks and so much more. We stock every type of supply to fit your needs and get the job done right.