HAZTECH Environmental dissolved effective Feb. 29, 2012!


The time has come, my strategic plan to dissolve HAZTECH Environmental has been completed! I am more excited than ever to provide outstanding hazardous waste management solutions to the hawaiian islands under my own company. I believe first and foremost in honesty and integrity. After successfully leading and managing the team personally, it is now time for the next stage of my career, the level service I can provide, and the leadership opportunities I have in the field.

My new company, Cameron Chemical Corp. (CCC) is a full service environmental company specializing in the packaging, transportation and disposal of chemicals. Our island-wide services include transformer recycling, extensive chemical testing, lab analysis, waste recycling and minimization programs, chemical packaging, PCB testing, transformer draining and disposal, environmental compliance, safety audits, consulting services and more.

We understand innovative hazardous waste disposal technologies and have a proactive team to deliver economically superior solutions. Hazardous waste requires handling and disposal by proven experts. With over 20 years experience by both the President and Management staff, CCC leads the industry in safety, reliability, technical sophistication, and regulatory affairs.

Based on the foundation of honesty, integrity and mutual respect. CCC is a dependable company that is committed to you.

Please call me at anytime to discuss this exciting changes!

Bill Cameron
President, Cameron Chemical Crop.
808-780-2581 cell / 808-695-2999

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