IMG_0266Transformers Recycling

CCC provides utilities and electrical contractors with full service equipment decommissioning, dismantling, and recycling services. We perform full certified analytical testing services and disposal of transformer oil. Additionally, we handle the transportation of transformer carcasses and recycling of materials, including aluminum, bushings, laminate, radiators, steel, switchgear and wires. You can be assured of impeccable record keeping and documentation of our jobs.

On-Site Teardown

Sometimes equipment on the field is either too large to transport or projects include some type of demolition that requires CCC to bring their expertise on-site.

Our field crew team is made up of 3-5 seasoned veterans, depending on the size of the project. CCC field crews have successfully dismantled 1,000lbs units to larger units in excess of over 100,000lbs. Our expertise in the global commodity market ensures you will get the highest rate of return on your materials. Our environmentally conscious field crew will take every precaution necessary during the dismantling process to keep all materials contained and make sure all are properly disposed. CCC guarantees every site in which we work will be left in better condition than when we arrived. We are the only company in Hawaii with locally experienced on-site teardown personnel.

CCC on-site services also include forensic teardowns which are a systematic dismantling process by which insurance companies, manufacture representatives and engineers can visually inspect the condition of internal components when trying to determine the reason for failure.

Cameron Chemical will also handle the removal and dismantling of ancillary equipment surrounding substations including circuit breakers, switch cabinets, bushings and oil circuit breakers.